First Lady of US Melania Trump still resides in White House while infected with Covid-19: US media

First Lady of US Melania Trump still resides in White House while infected with Covid-19: US media

First Lady of the United States of America (FLOTUS) Melania Trump has decided to reside in the White House (WH) as she is infected with the Covid-19, an official of WH confirmed to CNN on Tuesday.

The occurrence is in stark contrast with US President Donald Trump who left the Walter Reed Medical Center for a motorcade drive-by, passing by a few dozen supporters stationed outside the hospital.

Donald Trump US president was criticized for putting in danger the health of his Secret Service Agents and not being responsible enough.

On the other hand “Melania Trump is aware of the dangers of Coronavirus,” the official asked CNN. “Potentially revealing others is not a risk she would take.”

First Lady of US Melania Trump had tweeted on Friday that she and the President had tested positive for Covid-19, informing that she was feeling light signs.

Melania had tweeted that she was “feeling good & will continue to rest at home.”

“My family is grateful for all of the prayers & support! I am feeling good & will continue to rest at home. Thank you to medical staff & caretakers everywhere, & my continued prayers for those who are ill or have a family member impacted by the Covid-19,” she had tweeted.

The first lady of the US, as per the White House official, had decided to curtail her travel and appearances on public occasions as she was well aware of the large number of people who were involved every time she had to travel.

In the recent past, Melania Trump the first lady traveled to New Hampshire — the visit being her first official solo trip since the pandemic started — to visit a hospital program focused on treating babies born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.

She did come into view for the Trump-Biden debate, wearing her mask during the whole part of it prior to removing it to join her husband on stage.

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