Nobel Prize granted to Scientists who discovered Hepatitis C virus

Nobel Prize granted to Scientists who discovered Hepatitis C virus

Nobel Medicine Prize granted to Americans Harvey Alter and Charles Rice together with Briton Michael Houghton on Monday for the invention of the Hepatitis C virus, the Nobel jury apprised.  

These three scientists were privileged for their “decisive inputs to the combat against blood-borne hepatitis, main worldwide health phenomena that results in cirrhosis and liver cancer in the people around the globe”. The jury added.

According to the Nobel Committee, the committee paid gratitude to the scientists for the discovery of highly sensitive blood tests for the virus is now available and these have “fundamentally removed post-transfusion hepatitis in many parts of the globe, significantly improving worldwide health”.

The Jury further apprised that this discovery also allowed the speedy development of antiviral drugs directed at hepatitis C.

The Jury further added that “first time in history, this disease can now be healed, raising hopes of eliminating Hepatitis C virus from the world populace,”.

The award for the effort on a virus comes as the world combats the new Covid-19 pandemic.

The Noble prize amount of 10 million Swedish kronor (about $1.1 million, 950,000 euros) will be shared among the three scientists.

These three scientists would normally get their prize from the hands of King Carl XVI Gustaf at a formal ceremony in Stockholm on December 10, the anniversary of the 1896 death of scientist Alfred Nobel who created the prizes in his last will and testament.

The physical ceremony has been postponed this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, replaced with a televised ceremony showing the laureates receiving their awards in their home countries.

In last year,  the privileged went to US researchers William Kaelin and Gregg Semenza and Britain’s Peter Ratcliffe on for discoveries on how cells sense and to adapt to oxygen availability.

The winners of this year’s physics prize will be broadest on Tuesday, subsequent to the chemistry Prize on Wednesday.

The literature prize will be publicized on Thursday and the peace prize on Friday, with speculation that Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg and other climate activists or press freedom groups could get the nod for the latter.

The economics prize will wrap up the Nobel prize season on Monday, October 12.



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