Motorway gang-rape suspect presents himself to police Waqar ul Hassan turns down involvement in case

Motorway gang-rape suspect presents himself to police Waqar ul Hassan turns down involvement in case

Lahore: Waqar ul Hassan, identified as one of the ‘culprits’ in the motorway gang-rape case, presented himself into the police on Sunday. Waqar turned himself to the CIA Model Town police station and rejected any involvement in the case.

The suspect, on presenting himself to the police, apprised the SIM card registered to his name was actually in use of his brother-in-law, Abbas. He further apprised that he was being wrongly drawn in the case and also expressed readiness to have a DNA test conducted.

The culprit is asked to be a mechanic, and has a workshop in Ali Town in Qila Sattar Shah, and argues that he was in Lahore on the day of the incident.

Therefore, the Police maintain that Waqar did not surrender but was actually arrested by the Police. They are now also stating suspicion on Waqar’s relative, claiming that he will soon be taken into police custody for inquiring.

Whereas, the main accused Abid Ali Malhi is on the run and a number of police teams are chasing round the clock.

Moreover, Abid Ali has been implicated in crimes like theft, robbery, murder, and rape in the past, in accordance with the people of his own village.

An investigation held in the Abid Ali’s village to determine facts about him, people of his native village, Chak-260 HR in Fort Abbas Tehsil, apprised that victims in most cases had reconciled with Abid Ali due to the fear factor. They asked that Abid Ali commenced criminal activities in his own village and he has been implicated in criminal activities for a long time.

As per a statement of the local people of the area, Abid Ali had the backing of local political people and he left his village five years ago due to the fear of the local police.

As per Police record, Abid Ali, son of Akbar Ali, was named in a case (13/264) registered in Fort Abbas Police Station. As well as Abdi Ali, his four accomplices were also named in this case.

In this case, Abid Ali and his accomplices had allegedly raped a woman and her daughter in front of their family members.


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