Palestine Commend PM Imran’s remarks over UAE-Israel treaty

Palestine Commend PM Imran's remarks over UAE-Israel treaty

ISLAMABAD: The remarks of the Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Khan on Palestine issue and Pakistan’s continuous support for their just cause has warmly welcomed by the Embassy of Palestine.

On Tuesday, PM Imran Khan had categorically discarded any possibility that Pakistan could establish ties with Israel after it signed a historic pact with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to normalize bilateral relations.

The Embassy of Palestine in Islamabad, appreciated the firm support of Pakistani leadership and people, in a letter from the Embassy of Palestine in Islamabad.

The letter revealed: “On behalf of Palestinian people and the government of State of Palestine, the Embassy of Palestine, Islamabad, expresses sincere thanks for extending all sorts of support to Palestinian issue, and especially for condemning, in the strongest terms, the Israeli aggression towards Palestine. The letter further revealed that Palestinians consider Pakistan as our second homeland, and Pakistanis as our dearest brothers, who always supported Palestine on every forum of the world.”

The letter also acknowledged the support from Pakistani previous governments over the years.

“Since the formation of Pakistan, every government has always supported the just cause of Palestine on all the forums. The Embassy heartily acknowledges the standpoint of PM Imran Khan, the PM of Pakistan, when answering to the question about Israel, said that the founder of Pakistan had made it clear that Israel would not be recognized until a just and fair solution to the Palestinian problem is given. The PM further said we will be answerable to Allah on the Palestine issue, and his conscience will never allow accepting Israel without a solution to the Palestinian issue. He further added that Pakistan’s position is very clear, Pakistan can never recognize Israel. If we surrender to Israel, then we must leave Kashmir.”

Dr Allama Muhmmad Iqbal said: “If the Jews had a right to the soil of Palestine, why can’t the Arabs lay claim to Spain? No, British Imperialism has other aims. It’s no tale of citron, honey or dates.”

The Embassy of Palestine expressed gratitude to PM Imran for such a strong answer and appreciates every individual of Pakistan, including political parties, media, civil society, who is observing solidarity with Palestine in any possible way.

“We are hopeful that this support will be with us until we get an independent State of Palestine with Jerusalem Al Quds as capital.”

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