Govt to Launch ‘‘Jobs for Pakistan’’ Program to Produce 2 Million Jobs

The Federal Government is moving to create at least two million new jobs under its flagship project Prime Minister Youth Affairs Program (PMYAP) for the country’s youth.

The state-run news agency has quoted an official saying that the government is going to launch ‘‘Job For Pakistan’’ under the sunshade of PMYAP.

 The program will execute through a digitized system and will collect the data of applicants online to avoid any hiccups and complicated procedures.

All the applicants will have to do is upload their resumes on a dedicated portal, and their credentials will be confirmed through a systemized process.

He stated that the students will be adjusted in private sector companies and various institutions as per their qualifications.

Either qualified or skilled would be adjusted according to their area of expertise in local and international labor markets. Besides educated youth, skilled youth like electricians, plumbers, technicians, car and motor mechanics would also get employment”

The official apprised that every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals complete their qualifications but unable to get the deserving jobs. The ‘Job For Pakistan’ program will help such students get suitable jobs as soon as they complete their studies.

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